Time capsules found at the ruins of Christchurch Cathedral (Photo)

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Two artifacts were found at the ruins of Christchurch Cathedral, which are being believed to be time capsules, as shown in the photo below, according to news sites in New Zealand.

Christchurch time capsules
Photo Credit: TVNZ.co.nz

As reported at TVNZ on Tuesday, rescuers found two objects at the base of a statue of Robert Godley, the Irishman being credited as Christchurch founder.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker presented the time capsules to the local media, who called the discovery as ‘inspirational’, which were found in the ruins of the Christchurch Cathedral.

“We think when we open these we will gain extra understanding of why they came here, why they wanted to be here…” the mayor was quoted as saying.

Apparently, the statue was found by one of the crane operators who work for Daniel Smith Industries (DSI), in which his boss informed the mayor.

The first item is a glass bottle with a gold parchment and has a handwritten message on it, while the second one is a metal cylinder and will be opened later.

Later, the time capsules, which were believed to be more than 100 years old since Godley’s statue was first erected in 1867, were surrendered to Canterbury Museum for safekeeping.

Canterbury Museum director Anthony Wright told reports that said it is quite ‘touching’ that the time capsules were discovered exactly one week after the 6.3-magnitude earthquake.

“It’s one of those symbols of hope, it goes right back to the founding of Canterbury, it’s great in all this turmoil to have these icons of where we’ve come from.” Mr. Wright said, adding that the metal cylinder looked as if it has been sealed with solder.

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