Tim Poe apologizes for ‘misleading story’ at America’s Got Talent, but insisted he did not lie (Video)

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America’s Got Talent (AGT) contestant Sgt. Timothy Michael Poe (or Tim Poe) recently apologized for the “misleading story” he told on the show, but insisted that he did not lie, as shown in the WFAA-TV interview video below.

Tim Poe, being interviewed at WFAA-TV
Image Credit: WFAA-TV video

As noted by WFAA.com on Friday, June 8, 2012, Tim Poe granted them an exclusive interview where he explained his side on the controversy about his past which he shared when he auditioned at America’s Got Talent, where he sang Garth Brooks‘ ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes‘ and won the heart of millions.

As reported earlier, Minnesota National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Kevin Olson said that Tim Poe is a fraud and his claim that he suffered an injury in Afghanistan back in 2009 is not true, contrary to his claim he served the US military for 14 years but his career ended in 2009 due to the incident.

Meanwhile, Poe, 35, who was with his fiancee Carrie Morris on his side during the WFAA interview, said that he did not lie and he believes there he sustained some sort of trauma to his brain while he was in Afghanistan, despite the US Army saying that he has no record of being injured in that country and being deploying to Iraq.

“I really don’t know right now what’s reality and what’s not reality. I don’t know. I’m thinking, why have I for the last, over two years, believed things have happened to me and they might not have?” Poe was quoted telling to WFAA-TV when he was asked if he had been to Iraq.

“I don’t feel like I’ve lied. That’s what’s driving me crazy, because I truly thought things have happened to me.” Poe added, who spoke in a stuttering voice, which he claimed earlier as one of the effects of his injury.

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Tim Poe, being interviewed about his alleged fraud story at America’s Got Talent
Video Credit: WFAA-TV

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