Tim Pawlenty drops out GOP nomination bid to run for president in 2012 (Video)

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Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty dropped himself out from his GOP presidential nomination bid on Sunday, August 14, 2011, as shown in the ABC interview video below.

Tim Pawlenty
Image Credit: ABCNews.go.com

Pawlenty, who landed on the third spot and had only 2,293 votes (or 14% of all the votes) in the Iowa straw poll on Saturday, was interviewed on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday morning.

“We needed to get some lift to continue on and have a pathway forward,” Republican Pawlenty told Jake Tapper of ABC, with the former announcing his 2012 presidential campaign last May.

“That didn’t happen so I’m announcing this morning on your show that I’m going to be ending my campaign for president.” Pawlenty added, noting that he already informed his supporters on this matter.

The 2011 Iowa straw poll winner, which was held at the Hilton Coliseum inside the Iowa State University campus, was Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who had 4,823 votes (around 29%).

On the other hand, Texas Rep. Ron Paul landed on the second spot after receiving 4,671 votes or around 28 percent of the total votes.

Meanwhile, Pawlenty told ABC that they had some success raising money, but noted that “the audience, so to speak, was looking for something different.”

Tim Pawlenty drops out GOP presidential nomination bid
Image Credit: ABCNews.go.com

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