Tiger Woods new girlfriend Alyse Lahti Johnston an Elin look-alike, arrested on DUI suspicion? (Photo)

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Tiger Woods has reportedly gone back to dating and his new girlfriend goes by the name of Alyse Lahti Johnston, who seems to be an Elin Nordegren look-alike, as shown here in the photo.

Alyse Lahti Johnston (mugshot on the right)
Image Credit: TerezOwens.com/Daily Mail

According to TerezOwens.com, a sports celebrity website, Tiger Woods and Alyse Lahti Johnston have been dating for a few months and were reportedly spotted together in the golfer’s multi-million yacht, as Tiger and Elin officially got divorce back in August last year.

Johnston, 22, or 13 years younger than Woods, was originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but she is now living in Florida. She was said to be a daughter of an IMG executive, a sports agency representing the former world’s No.1 golfer.

However, on the report of Daily Mail on Sunday, March 20, 2011, Alyse Lahti Johnston was arrested last year in Florida on the suspicion of DUI (Driving Under Influence), as a mugshot photo was revealed.

Apparently, Johnston was arrested on October 9, 2010 in Orlando, Florida, and was represented by a high-profile Florida attorney. She was brought to court on December 10 and had a lesser charge of ‘Reckless Driving’.

Later, she was ordered to take on a DUI Counter Attack Schoool and a Victims Awareness Program, and went back to court on January 21 and the case is now closed.

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