Ticklish Penguin Video: Cookie of Cincinnati Zoo Becomes YouTube Sensation (Video)

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Cookie: The Ticklish Penguin
Image Credit: wlwt.com

Cookie, the ticklish penguin from Cincinnati Zoo, became an internet star when a video of him was uploaded on YouTube last January, 2010, according to a report by several international sites.

One of the characteristics of the little penguin is that, it creates a laughing sound when its belly is rubbed.

In the YouTube video, Cookie makes a high pitched purring sound when his handler tickles him.

The video of Cookie on YouTube has been viewed for over a million times already.

According to the Cincinnati Zoo spokesman David Oehler, Cookie was hatched at the zoo about 8 years ago. Oehler explained that the sound created by the ticklish penguin is part of normal courting behavior. He added that the Cookie video was taken more than a year ago by a volunteer blogger.

Below is the video of Cookie uploaded on YouTube by MiAAmistew.

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