Tianjin Eco-City In China Designed By Surbana Urban Planning Group Set To Be Completed In 2020

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The 30 square kilometer Eco-City in Tianjin, China is set to be completed in 2020. The Eco-project was designed by Surbana Urban Planning Group which will showcase the hottest new energy-saving technologies like wind and solar power, rainwater recycling and waste-water treatment/desalination of sea water.

International news sites reported that the Eco-City is expected to house 350,000 residents in Tianjin. The city was said to be divided in seven sectors which differ in terms of landscaping and programmatic offerings. A Lifescape, an Eco-Valley, a Solarscape, an Urbanscape, a Windscape, an Earthscape and Eco-Corridors.

Tianjin Eco-City is just a 10-minute drive from the business parks at the Tianjin Economic-Development Area. It was situated 150km from the Chinese capital of Beijing and 45km from Tianjin City.

Tianjin Eco-Valley
The Eco-Valley, an 11-kilometer long man-made channel. Serving as a transit corridor from which a light rail transit system operates, allowing residents to easily commute within the site, as well as connect to neighbouring townships and surrounding developments. Image Credit: Surbana Urban Planning Group

The Solarscape

The Solarscape will be the civic center. Located on the waterfront, the area will feature a floating stage for public events. Image Credit: Surbana Urban Planning Group

Tianjin eco-city aerial view
Aerial view of Urbanscape, the core of the Eco-City, featuring stacked programs interconnected by sky-bridges. Image Credit: Surbana Urban Planning Group

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