Thunder Thighs Dinosaur Brontomerus mcintoshi Discovered in Utah, Packs a Powerful Kick

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Thunder thighs dinosaur
Thunder Thighs Dinosaur
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Francisco Gasco, University College London / PA

A newly discovered dinosaur, Brontomerus mcintoshi is called “thunder thighs” dinosaur due to its exceptionally powerful thighs. According to reports, the dinosaur was said to likely have a bad temper and used its thighs to kick predators.

Remains of two of the creatures were found by paleontologists. The bones were first discovered in a quarry in eastern Utah in 1994 by looters, according to scientists. One set of remains was said to be likely that of an adult weighing about 13,000 pounds while the other appeared to be that of a child.

“This specimen just leaps out at you and looks weird. The best we can work out, it could project its leg forward very powerfully — in short, for kicking.” Mike Taylor, a paleontologist at University College London was quoted saying.

The dinosaur is named after John “Jack” McIntosh, a retired physicist at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, and lifelong avocational paleontologist. Brontomerus means “thunder thighs” in Greek.

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