Three Planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter Shine Like Gems At Daybreak

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Three planets including Venus, Mars and Jupiter will be seen shining like gems on Tuesday morning, June 28, according to international reports on Thursday, June 23.

Apparently, there will be two bright stars Capella and Aldebaran, a star cluster Pleiades and the vanishing crescent moon that will be joining in the appearance of these three planets.

As noted at, a scale of magnitudes can portray the brightness of stars and other objects in the sky. Around magnitude 1 tells the brightest stars, while magnitude 6 expresses the faintest stars, in which it can be seen by the naked eye, according to reports.

Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the other stars
Image Credit: Starry Night Software

Describing each magnitude, reports said that Capella will be at magnitude +0.1 and Aldebaran at magnitude +0.8, in which it is just above the north-eastern sphere.

Apparently, after finding the two stars, sky watchers can locate Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

Venus, being the brightest planet is seemed to be at the lowest horizon with a magnitude of -3.9, Jupiter as the second brightest planet can be seen in the eastern part with a magnitude of -2.2 and Mars, as the red planet, is just between them having a magnitude of +1.4.

Moreover, joining them are the star cluster Pleiades, also with a magnitude of +1.4, in which it can be seen just above of Mars, and the crescent moon that is said to be just between them, reports added.

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