Three-Month-Old Abandoned Bush Baby (Galagos) Adopted By Yellow Baboon At The Kenya Wildlife Service Headquarters (Photos)

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A 3-month-old bush baby (other known as Galagos) named Gakii at the Kenya Wildlife Service headquarters was adopted by a 6-month-old female yellow baboon, according to international reports on June 10, 2011.

Both animals were abandoned and are being housed in the animal orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. The 6-month-old female baboon who plays as a surrogate mother to the bush baby was rescued in Maralal in northern Kenya while the 3-month-old bush baby was rescued in Karatina in central Kenya, reports said.

It was believed that the unusual relationship of the two animals was formed because they need each other to survive in the absence of their parents and their groupings. They drink milk together out of the same bowl, play around and would held each others arms.

“This is not normal. It has not happened here and I guess it has not happened anywhere else,” according to Edward Kariuki, a warden at the animal home in the Kenyan capital as quoted saying in a report.

Reports also said that when the two animals become older, they need to be separated.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of the bush baby and the yellow baboon hugging and cuddling each other.

Bush baby And Yellow baboon drinks milk together
Bush Baby and the Yellow Baboon drinks milk together in the same bowl
Image Credit: REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

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