Three-legged dog steals dog food inside a grocery store in New Zealand, caught on CCTV (Video)

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A three-legged dog was caught on security camera stealing dog food inside a grocery store in New Zealand, as shown in the video below. The unlikely shoplifter was actually caught in the act twice by the store owner, but it was on its third time that the canine was caught by a staff and has been in the dog pound since then.

three-legged dog stealing food NZ

Oscar, the three-legged dog while stealing dog
food inside Alray Dairy in Invercargill, NZ

Image Credit: Alray Dairy video

According to on Monday, January 14, 2013, the three-legged dog named Oscar was seen on the CCTV of Alray Dairy at Windsor Street, Invercargill, Southland. Store owner Esmay Hay said she first saw the incident on Friday, January 4, while she was serving some customers.

“We noticed movement on the security camera, there’s been nobody here so I’m assuming now Oscar may have paid us a visit before.” Esmay Hay was quoted as saying, noting that the usual thief she knows have two legs. The video became viral and her daughter’s Facebook page had visitors who wanted to adopt the dog.

“The video is so funny, just to see the look on their faces, they just couldn’t believe it. They were standing there with their mouths open. We suspect he came through the open back door and trotted through the shop because the next thing, he appeared at the dog roll chiller.” Ms. Hay added.

“The dog roll wrapper was found about three blocks up the road, so he’d enjoyed his meal.” She further explained. After Oscar was captured by her staff, they tied him up, fed him, and later surrendered him to the dog pound. Apparently, local officials said that the three-legged dog has been a familiar face on the streets.

This Wednesday, New Zealand news reports said that Oscar is a 10-year-old German short-haired pointer dog. His owner is now on a vacation in Stewart Island, and a family member was left to watch over the three-legged dog. However, the fence of the house was reportedly not good enough, allowing Oscar to escape.

John Youngson, Invercargill City Council Manager of Environmental Health, who handles the case, said that Oscar is expected to be reunited with his owner this Friday. And although Oscar is in good hands in the pound, he reminded all dog owners to make sure that their pets are being taken care of when they are away.

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Report about Oscar, the three-legged dog that was caught on CCTV stealing dog food
Video Credit: Telegraphtv/YouTube/Alray Dairy

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