Three-handed magician begs for money, pranks donors (Video)

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Rich Ferguson, the so-called three-handed magician, begs for money in the street and pranks the donors, as shown in the video below. Ferguson has previously performed some tricks and practical jokes in the street, including his head-drop illusion last Halloween, also shown in the video below.

three handed magician Rich Ferguson

three-handed magician Rich Ferguson, performing
his trick

Image Credit: YouTube screen grab

On his YouTube video uploaded last Sunday, December 2, 2012, Ferguson posed as a panhandler asking passersby for donations, while holding a huge cardboard with “Can you lend a hand?” printed on it. He can be seen like holding the card with his two hands, but his real right hand is hidden behind it.

As people stop to give him money, Ferguson surprises them by revealing his “magical” hand through the sign and grabs their arms. Apparently, different ‘victims’ showed different reactions. Some were shocked and confused, while most of them screamed to the top of their voices but later laughed.

The three-handed magician have fooled a couple of passersby via his prank hand, but the most notable victim can be seen on the last part of the video, where a young man was so scared and immediately run away. He was even almost hit by a slow-moving car, as he crossed the street with fear.

On the same day, Ferguson also uploaded another YouTube video, where he posed a snowman in front of a shopping store with a “Happy Holiday” greeting sign. As customers pass by to enter the store, he drops the sign. They pick it up and put it back to the snowman’s hand, and that is the time they are being surprised.

Rich Ferguson, the three-handed magician
Video Credit: ucmagic/YouTube

Rich Ferguson, magician, sneezes his head off
Video Credit: ucmagic/YouTube

Rich Ferguson, as a prank snowman
Video Credit: ucmagic/YouTube

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