The Social Network film still tops box office on its second week

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Facebook controversial film The Social Network continues to top in the box office on its second week, ABCNews reported.

The Social Network, which is the film about the founding of Facebook, has been a consistent number one in the box office for two consecutive weeks, according to a supposed studio estimates released on Sunday.

While Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was earlier reported that he disagree on how the movie was made, this seem to become more exciting for some moviegoers.

The Social Network film, which was directed by David Fincher, was said to have made $15.5 million this week for just below 2,800 locations, with a per-theater average of around $5,600.

Also as reported on ABCNews, the Facebook film enjoyed $46.1 million in its 10-day total of theater showing.

The film The Social Network, which started to be shown in US theaters on October 1, also became a big hit on the 48th New York Film Festival held last month.

Meanwhile, “Life As We Know It,” a romantic-comedy film from Warner Bros, starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel, reported to have landed on the second spot this week, with $14.6 million in 3,150 locations, and has an average of just over $4,600 per theater.

On the third spot, it was said to be Disney‘s “Secretariat” with $12.6 million in about 3,200 theaters, averaging 4,100 per theater.

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