The Russian Team Wins the Gold in the World Junior Hockey Championship in Buffalo

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The Russian Team wins the gold in the World Junior Hockey Championship in Buffalo, New York with an unexpected win 5-3 against the Canadian team. This is according to International sports news. January 5, 2010 US time.

The Canadian team was favored to win but a rally made by Nikita Dvurechenski, Artemi Panarin, Yevgeni Kuznetsov and the rest of the team awarded Russia its first gold since 2003.

The Canadian team seem to be leading at a comfortable pace but the teamwork of the Russian team was flawlessly executed that caught everyone off-guard. The speed and precision of the Russians scored big goal points in the third period when the game was seemingly being won by the Canadians.

Brayden Schenn of Canada was the Most Valuable Player with 18 points. But the Canadians are still shocked with the turn of events; they expected gold but they got the silver instead. The US came in with bronze by winning against Sweden, 4-2.

Vladimir Tarasenko team captain and Valeri Bragin were ecstatic with their win and were congratulated by no less than the Russian president himself, Dmitry Medvedev. On the other hand, the Canadians still have to come to terms with their unexpected defeat.

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