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The P3 Million Globe Bill: Subscriber Billed Over P3 Million For 1 Month

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What if one day, when your cellphone bill comes, you got billed for over P3 million? What would you do? Well, that’s what happened to a certain Elmer De Jesus De Guzman.

P3 Million Globe Bill
The P3 Million Globe Bill
Credit: Pinoytechblog / Elmer De Guzman

According to a report in PinoyTechBlog, De Guzman‘s Globe bill for bill period Oct 24 to Nov 23, 2013 amounted to Php 3,272,623.38 ($76,107 at P43 = $1), which is due four days from now.

The bill is not photoshopped as De Guzman reportedly posted on his Facebook page the breakdown as shown below.

P3 Million Globe Bill Breakdown
Credit: Pinoytechblog / Elmer De Guzman

Apparently, De Guzman went on vacation to Dubai and he was charged highly on roaming data charges by DU Telecom of UAE. As noted by PinoyTechBlog, the high volume of bandwidth consumed and charged by the telecommunication company is the major cause of this staggering bill. He was charged over Php 500,000 ($11,627) twice for almost 2GB of data on each session that ran for about 24 hours.

However, this seemed to be a mistake as De Guzman subscribed to Globe‘s BDUP or Bridge DataRoam Unlimited Plus in which for just $55, a subscriber can enjoy 5 days unlimited mobile surfing in select partner telcos of countries, including DU Telecom. His subscription was activated as proven by the charge on his bill:

bdup charge
Credit: Pinoytechblog / Elmer De Guzman

Will Globe reverse the charges by DU Telecom? Globe has still yet to comment on this issue.

Update (Dec 11, 2013) : Read Globe’s Official Statement regarding this issue.

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