The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) designates Channel Island Of Sark as Europe’s first Dark Sky Island

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The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) has designated the Channel Island of Sark as Europe’s first Dark Sky Island and the world’s third Dark Sky community. This was released by the IDA, Dark Sky movement site, January 31, 2011.

The Hortobagy Starry Sky Park was also recognized by IDA, last January 25, 2011, together with Sark Island. Hortobagy focuses on lighting management to protect its avian biota, while Sark Island exudes a community in the early generation where electric lights were not yet in use. Residents of the island do not utilize motor lights or public lights and use electricity minimally in their homes and businesses; the stars are clearly visible from above.

The IDA promotes the Dark-Sky legislation worldwide with 300 cities and towns adapting the reduction of the “light pollution.”  The reduction of light pollution does not have an impact only on sky watchers, but has also a significant effect on economy and natural conservation of wild life.

The International Dark-Sky Association is now inviting communities to join this enterprising method of preserving the environment, the ecosystem and its natural inhabitants, conserving energy and sky watching. There are still numerous benefits from this movement that several States have joined in. In Texas, the military has supported the legislation.

An inspiring discovery presented by the San Francisco’s American Geophysical Union is about the fact, that the night sky can naturally clean the air, if there are no interferences from artificial lights.

The International Dark-Sky Association ensures that the incredible and fascinating view of the night sky from these designated Dark-Sky places is an astronomical adventure that visitors will treasure.

Interested cities and counties can be accepted as Dark-Sky members upon approval, pending their compliance with the Dark Sky legislation. Several States have filed legislative laws supporting the movement.

The Dark-Sky places have increasing visitors as people become more aware of the beauty and wonder of the beautiful, starry sky.

The Beautiful Night Sky
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