The Egyptian Protest Finds its Way inside American Soil

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Egypt Protesters
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The Egyptian protest is no longer only contained in Cairo and the provinces of Egypt, but has also found its way inside American soil. This was reported by US news sites, January 29, 2011.

In certain States in America, like Washington and New York, Egyptians demonstrated in front of the New York UN Headquarters and the Egyptian Embassy to express their discontent about President Hosni Mubarak.

They have stated the same sentiments as their countrymen in Egypt; they don’t want reforms from Mubarak; instead, they want Mubarak out.

As mounting pressure on President Mubarak continues, the opposition party in Egypt calls for a million protesters in the streets, to pressure Mubarak to finally step down.

Recently, the stock market plummets, while the Egyptian Military is now in the limelight as to what road would it take, will it be loyal to Mubarak or to the Egyptian people?  The answer will be evident in the succeeding days to come.

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