The Dancing Cabin Crew Of Cebu Pacific Air

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Cebu Pacific Air offers new gimmick to entertain their passengers.

It is mandatory during flights to demonstrate the safety rules inside the aircraft while on board. This is done by the cabin crew or flight attendants to ensure that all passengers are aware what to do if emergency cases happens.

Usually, this procedure maybe ignored by some passengers most especially those who travelled a lot and who have heard this instruction from time to time.

Just recently, passengers of Cebu Pacific was surprised for the new style of demonstrating its safety instructions. One passenger was able to record a video and uploaded it in YouTube where flight attendants are dancing while giving safety instructions to their passengers.

All eyes and ears to the dancing flight attendants. Cebu Pacific was successful in getting the attention of its passengers. After the safety instruction presentation, the cabin crew received a round of applause from the passengers.

Here’s the video, enjoy watching!!!

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