“The Amazing Spider-Man” movie trailer released, Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker surprises fans (Video)

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The movie trailer of “The Amazing Spider-Man” was released on Monday, February 6, 2012, as shown in the video, with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker made a surprise to movie fans by appearing in a theater where the movie sneak preview was shown.

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in the
movie “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Image Credit: Sony Pictures

As noted by Sony Pictures Entertainment on a press release that day, “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie trailer was released in 13 cities around the world including Mexico City, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Moscow, among others, with the movie be released in the US on July 3, 2012.

According to the report, the cast and filmmakers of the said film appeared in Los Angeles, New York, Rio de Janeiro and London, with Andrew Garfield surprising the fans in NY‘s Union Square Theater on Monday.

“As we were looking to debut the next trailer, it was important to us to share it with some of our most dedicated fans first.” Marc Weinstock, president, Worldwide Marketing for Sony Pictures, was quoted in the press release.

“We’re thrilled that we were also able to bring our cast and filmmakers together with moviegoers from all over the world to premiere the trailer and give them a special sneak peek at some extended footage.” Weinstock added.

Meanwhile, entertainment news reported that “The Amazing Spider-Man” director Marc Webb appeared in a video from Los Angeles, and Emma Stone, who will play as Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker‘s main love interest, appeared from Rio de Janeiro.

On the other hand, Rhys Ifans, who will play the role of the main villain Dr. Curt Connors (aka The Lizard), appeared from London, with the four of them came together via satellite and answered some questions.

“Because I’m not an idiot. It’s the thing everyone wants.” Andrew Garfield said when asked why he wanted to be Spider-Man, noting that the role doesn’t belong to him and the character belongs to everyone.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” movie trailer
Video Credit: TheAmazingSpiderMan.com

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