The Alpha Phi Omega UP Oblation Run Seeks “Justice for all”

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Here is a picture of one of APO UP’s oblation runs. Image Credit:

The Alpha Phi Omega, APO UP Oblation run seeks “Justice for all”, as reported by Philippine local news. More than a hundred students in their birthday suits, and with their masked faces, ran amidst the crowd of curious, excited and cheering onlookers.

The oblation run is done for a cause and last December 15, 2010, the participants called for justice for the bar blast victims last summer 2010, and fair treatment regarding the investigation of those responsible for the blast. It can be recalled that the APO fraternity was previously blamed for that particular blast.

They also aired out their disappointment about the budget cut of the Aquino government on State Universities and Colleges, SUCs.

The 2010 UP oblation run is an annual event where APO students of the University of the Philippines run, in their birthday suits, for a social cause.

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