Text President Obama campaign launched, ask questions about student loans and the president will reply

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A new campaign called “Text With The President On Keeping College Affordable” has been launched this Monday, June 24, 2013. This so-called “Text President Obama” program invites all American parents with a college student or even the students themselves can ask the president about student loans.

Text President Obama

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According to a post at DoSomething.org, President Obama will reply one student debt related question each day from June 24 to June 28, 2013, or exactly five days this week. Everyday, the president will choose one question to answer, and will personally text back with his answer.

President Obama is committed to keeping college within reach for all Americans, which is why he’s already made historic investments in college affordability, including expanding Pell grants and creating a tax credit worth up to $10,000 to help families cover the cost of college.” White House online communications team member Megan Slack wrote at the official White House blog.

“But, unless Congress acts soon, interest rates on new subsidized student loans are set to go up on July 1. Higher interest rates will leave millions of students who rely on loans to finance their education with higher loan payments as they work to graduate, begin their careers, or buy a house.” Slack added.

“We just want to amplify the youth voice. We want people to know that DoSomething.org is the place they can get their voice heard. We like to give our members special access, so when this opportunity with the White House came up it was a no-brainer. Our whole goal is to get young people to take action.” DoSomething COO Aria Finger told Mashable.

To text President Obama, parents and students should text PREZ to 38383 and submit their questions. DoSomething.org emphasized that there are no additional costs when texting the president, and that normal message and data rates apply. This means it is like texting to anyone. But of course, not all questions can be answered.

For the first question this Monday, Dan of Ann Arbor, MI asks, “What have you done and plan to do to lower student debt & tuition?” President Obama replied, “We’ve expanded grants & tax credits, provided new options to manage debt and proposed incentives for colleges to keep costs down.”

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