Texas Speed Limit Of 85 mph Becomes The Highest Speed Limit In The United States

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Texas Speed Limit
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The Texas House has approved a measure that will enable authorities to set a higher Texas speed limit in some parts of the  state highway system and make it the highest speed limit in the United States, according to an earlier report by the Chicago Tribune.

When the measure becomes a law, it will allow the Texas Department of Transportation to set the maximum speed at 85 miles per hour in some parts of the state highway system upon the recommendation of the engineering and safety studies.

According to the Rhino Car Hire, the highest speed limit in the US will now be eighty five miles per hour and will rank as the second-highest speed limit in the world. The highest speed limit in the world is at 86 mph or 140 kph in some areas in Poland.

Majority of the states in the US has long been allowing speed limits of up to 80 mph. Texas and Utah only allowed to raise their speed limits in 2006 and 2009, respectively. The 80 mph speed limit was initially allowed in a limited stretch of Interstate 10 and Interstate 20 in Texas. In Utah, 80 mph was allowed at Interstate 15.

Gary Biller, executive director of the Wisconsin-based National Motorists Association, welcomed the speed limit adjustment due to the good quality of highway construction.

However, Southwest Insurance Information Institute President Jerry Johns is against the idea of the 85 mph.

Below is the dissenting statement issued by Jerry Johns.

The two things that contribute most to traffic accidents are speed and alcohol.

The higher the speed limit the more accidents there are, the more injuries, and the more deaths.

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