Texas Congressman Ron Paul makes it official: he’s running for President (Video)

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Ron Paul
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According to the latest news of USA Today, as of May 13, 2011 at 9:11 a.m. ET, Texas congressman Ron Paul is formally announcing his race for the 2012 GOP nomination.

Consequently as reported, the 12-term lawmaker, Ron Paul, also known for his libertarian views, announced on ABC’s Good Morning America of his intention to run for president.

Apparently, he was quoted saying, “”Time has come around to the point where the people are agreeing with much of what I’ve been saying for 30 years; The time is right” evidently referring to his free-market ideas that espouse personal freedom and adherence to the Constitution.

As further noted by various news sources, Paul is considered as a prodigious fundraiser, and known for his use of “money bombs” – purportedly an intense Internet effort to bring in campaign cash, as he set a record for a one-day haul of $6 million via one such money bomb in the 2008 campaign.

As further attested by records, this is Paul‘s third presidential race. He evidently ran the first time in 1988 as the Libertarian Party‘s nominee.

Ron Paul: A Candidate for President
Video Credit:abcnews/YouTube

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