Terra Nova Premieres on Fox, Spielberg Revives Dinosaurs on TV (Video)

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Terra Nova TV Series
Image Credit: Fox/en.wikipedia.org

‘Terra Nova’ premiered Monday, September 26, on Fox as Steven Spielberg revived dinosaurs on TV with the plot for this new TV series. This was disclosed by entertainment news sites September 26 & 27.

Reports said that the ‘Terra nova’ cast include Stephen Lang, Shelley Conn, Jason O’Mara, Naomi Scott, and Landon Liboiron among others. The story was created by Craig Silverstein and Kelly Marcel and was directed by Alex Graves.

The plot started apparently in 2149 when life on earth was threatened, and the only way to solve this was to go back in time during the Jurassic era. The Shannon Family, with three children, went back in time through a temporal doorway to help save humanity in the future.

The ‘Terra Nova’ premiere was two-hour in length and was reportedly watched by 9 million viewers, a modest number compared to ‘Two and a Half Men,’ which had around 20 million viewers.

‘Terra Nova’ reviews were also modest with some reviews stating that the ‘Shannons are ‘likable enough’ and that watching the series ‘is still great fun.”

Terra Nova Trailer
Video credit: FoxBroadcasting/YouTube

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