Teleportation Project Breakthrough Made By Scientists (Photo)

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Teleportation Project
Image Credit: UK Yahoo News

A teleportation project being conducted by scientists in Japan have made a significant breakthrough, according to reports by several international sites.

A group of scientist from Japan and Australia, led by Noriyuki Lee of University of Tokyo, was  able to teleport wave packets of light by destroying them in one area and re-created them in another area.

The teleportation project is believed to be the key in developing super-powerful quantum computers and start a new era in the telecommunications industry.

Reports say that through teleportation, transmission of massive and complex amount of data will be quicker.

Entanglement‘ is the quantum physics term behind teleportation project. Science sites defined it as the bonding of two particles in such a way that even when separated by large distances, they are still linked. This means that whatever happens to one will affect the other.

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