Teenager Nicole Delien: Misses Holiday Events After Girl Slept For 64 Days (Photo)

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Teenager Nicole Delien was earlier reported to be suffering from a rare sickness called “sleeping beauty” syndrome. The girl slept for 64 days and reportedly missed the 2011 Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays and a family trip to Disney World, according to a Daily Mail report on Saturday, November 17, 2012.

Teenager Nicole Delien: girl slept for 64 days
Teenager Nicole Delien getting sleepy
Image Credit: Mail Online

Reports say that the 17-year-old Delien was unable to personally meet pop singer Katy Perry because she was in deep sleep. The singer later accommodated the young Delien, after Perry learned about the teenage girl’s condition, during a performance in Connecticut.
Teenager Nicole Delien slept for 64 days
Teenager Nicole Delien with her younger sister and brother
Image Credit: Mail Online

According to Delien‘s family, her medication has helped her stay awake and extend the gap between her sleep. However, Nicole‘s condition has affected her psychologically as the thought of recurrence makes her afraid.

Delien is helping raise the awareness on the sleeping beauty syndrome by talking about it in several television shows. As of posting her latest awareness talk was done on the Jeff Probst Show together with her parents.

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