Tear Down House in Belvedere, California is Worth $4.2 Million (Photo)

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A couple in Belvedere, California bought a $4.2 million house beside their home and tear it down, according to an ABC News report on Friday, June 29, 2012.

Tear-down house
A $4.2 Million Tear-Down House in Belvedere, California
Image Credit: ABC News

The move by Clark and Sharon Winslow, who lives at 337 Belvedere Avenue, is becoming a trend in the area, say locals and real estate professionals.

The former mayor of Belvedere and a realtor, Bill Smith revealed that “There are houses being torn down all the time.” He added that “People tear down homes for all kinds of reasons.” Smith said that in the Tiburon, a $20 million home of tennis star Andre Agassi and wife Steffi Graf was bought, then the owner decided to tear it down.

The most common reason why people at Belvedere tear down houses is to improve their view since “There are multi-million views,” says Smith.

The best views at Belvedere are atop high cliffs, with overlooking view of San Francisco and its Bay, upon the Golden Gate, and the Pacific.

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