Tax free shopping for Connecticut back-to-school shoppers, as Tax Free Week 2011 starts

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Back-to-school shoppers in Connecticut are being expected to benefit a lot of from tax free shopping during the Tax Free Week 2011, from Sunday, Aug. 21, to Saturday, Aug. 27.

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As noted at US news sites on Sunday, the Tax Free shopping week, which is on the 11th year, allows residents of Connecticut to shop without sales tax when they buy clothing and footwear under $300.

Shoppers can buy as many times as they can, but special clothing and footwear such as for athletic or protective use, as well as jewelry and accessories, are not included in the tax-free scheme.

However, if an item was bought during Tax Free Week and but later to be exchanged to another item that is not covered in the scheme, sales tax should be paid if they are under $300.

“Now that the sales-tax exemption on clothing under $50 no longer applies and all clothing is subject to sales tax, this tax-free week will make a difference,” Department of Revenue Services Spokeswoman Sarah Kauffman was quoted on reports.

“Clothing items priced at $299.99 or less won’t be taxed during that time, so it will mean some real savings.” Kauffman added, with Connecticut sales tax now standing at around 6.35%.

“This is a great opportunity for back-to-school shoppers, and we expect it to be a big hit this year.” Revenue Services commissioner Kevin B. Sullivan told reports.

“It’s also a good way to help Connecticut‘s retailers attract customers and put more money back into the state economy.” Sullivan added, noting that around $7.2 million will be saved by shoppers.

According to Connecticut State law, Tax Free Week runs from every third Sunday in August of the year up to the following Saturday; while some states having only Tax Free Weekends only such as Texas which went on from August 19-21, 2011.

Meanwhile other US states have other tax free shopping dates and some do not have one such as in Rhode Island, while Georgia has suspended it for this year.

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