Target dress apology: Target apologizes for “manatee grey” plus-size dress, customer tweets complain (Photo)

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Target recently made a public apology, after customer outrage via Twitter. It started when Susan Clemens of Orange County, California learned that a dress for plus-size women was described as “manatee grey,” as shown in the photo below. For all we know, manatee is a huge aquatic mammal.

Target dress apology tweet

Target dress apology tweet
Image Credit: Target Twitter

“What the. Plus sized women get “Manatee Grey” while standard sizes are “Dark Heather Grey.” @Target #notbuyingit,” Susan Clemens (@suZen) tweeted on Tuesday, April 2, 2013, along with a photo of both dresses from Her tweet immediately went viral on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and blogs.

As noted at ABC News on Thursday, April 4, Susan Clemens, who described her self as a “plus size” woman, told them that she first saw the photo of the “manatee gray” and “dark heather gray” dresses on a Facebook page of a friend. She later visited and confirmed that the post was legitimate.

Apparently, Clemens‘ tweet reached the knowledge of Target, and tweeted, “@SuZen We apologize for this unintentional oversight & never intend to offend our guests. We’ve heard you, and we’re working to fix it ASAP.” Target spokeswoman Jessica Deede also talked to to explain their side on the issue.

“There were two different teams that worked on uploading the dresses to, which explains the discrepancy.” Ms. Deede told the report, adding that the “manatee gray” color description is a “seasonal color being used across many different categories on”

“A lot has happened in a day because it really resonates with people. I really didn’t expect it to spread as widely as it has but people are tired of having the size and shape of their body commented on, and that’s what this color discrepancy seems to imply.” Clemens, 49, told the paper.

“It’s an inadvertent thing that Target did but what it tapped into is something that’s real for a lot of people. I think, though, there’s a bigger story here in the way that it resonated with people because they are concerned with how they’re being talked about in the world at large, even if that wasn’t the intent here.” Clemens added.

Target manatee grey dress
Target “Manatee Grey” and “Dark Heather Grey” dresses
Image Credit: Susan Clemens Twitter

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