Tanya McDowell’s Case Earns Support from Civil Rights Groups:”Should a Mother Go to Jail for Educating Her Children?”

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Tanya McDowell
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Tanya McDowell, who was charged with larceny for allegedly lying to ensure her son’s education, pleaded not guilty. The education is worth around $15, 686 from the Brookside Elementary School. Civil rights groups are coming forward in support of McDowell. This was reported by US news sites, April 28, 2011.

There are different reactions from various sectors. A website is created in support of McDowell’s case entitled: “The Tanya McDowell Case: A Mother should not go to Jail for Educating Her Children.”  This site supports the plight of the 33 yr old woman from Norwalk, Connecticut for her desire to provide education for her child. She allegedly wrote her baby sitter’s address in the application form. McDowell said that she had no permanent residence, that was why.

Civil rights groups have questioned why McDowell was arrested among all the similar cases in Norwalk Schools, and where not one of those cases were criminally charged.

More and more sectors are expressing their support of Tanya McDowell’s cause.

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