Tampa International Airport runway temporary closed as north magnetic pole shifts (Video)

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A Tampa International Airport runway was temporary closed on Thursday and may be reopened within next week and apparently the reason was due to shifting of Earth’s magnetic north pole.

According to US news sites, scientists say that the magnetic north pole shifts and is now moving slowly towards Russia, but the effect reached Tampa International Airport in Florida.

The phenomenon then forced Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to order Tampa International Airport officials to close temporarily its busiest runway while the numeric indicators at the end of runways and taxi signs are being changed.

The 18R/36L label of the affected runway will be changed to 19R/1L to indicate the 180-degree approach to the north and the 360-degree approach from the south, which was said to be guiding pilots to the runway through their magnetic compass.

“The magnetic poles actually shift, they are constantly in movement and when pilots align themselves with the runway they align their compass to the runway so they have to match.” Tampa International Airport Director of Operations Robert Burr told the news.

“So as the poles have shifted, the compass has shifted, so we have to make sure the runways are consistent with the compass for the aircraft.” He added.

Meanwhile, below is a YouTube video uploaded by ABCActionNews that explains it further.

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