Tallest Mohawk visits New York City, Guinness World Records 2013 released, tallest horse included (Video)

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The man with the world’s tallest mohawk recently visited New York City, as shown in the video below; in time for the release of the Guinness World Records 2013 edition, which also contains new records including the world’s tallest dog, horse, and donkey, along with other amazing new records.

tallest mohawk Kazuhiro Watanabe

World’s tallest mohawk Kazuhiro Watanabe, holding
a Guinness World Records 2013 edition, posing
with Guinness World Records staff

Image Credit: Getty Images

As featured at GuinnessWorldRecords.com on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, Kazuhiro Watanabe, a Japanese fashion designer, has been verified in Japan as the man with the the record for the tallest mohawk in the world back in October 2011, which measures 113.5 centimeters (44.68 inches) high, or 3.72 feet.

According to the announcement, Watanabe has been growing his hair for 15 years, while a team spends two hours to make it stand tall, using three cans of hairspray and one jar of gel. The former record holder for the tallest mohawk was Stefan Srocka of Germany, which measured 80 centimeters (31.5 inches) high.

Meanwhile, the Guinness World Records 2013 edition also include the world’s tallest horse named Big Jake, which stands 210.2 centimeters (82.75 inches) tall, or 6.89 feet, and weighs about 2,600 pounds. The giant horse was raised by Jerry Gilbert of Smokey Hollow Farm, in Ostego, Michigan.

“He is friendly with all the other animals. He has a great temperament and and works hard when he is harnessed to a wagon.” “Everything has to be big! His stall is 20X20 feet when an average stall is about 12X12 feet… when we transport him we have to use a semi trailer.” Gilbert was quoted in the report.

“We are proud to hold the record and enjoy the people who visit the farm. We enjoy the reactions and when people leave our farm happy from the experience of seeing Jake.” Gilbert added, noting that the tallest horse is under a strict healthy diet, with a daily consumption of 1 1/2 bales of hay and 40 quarts of oats.

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Tallest mohawk Kazuhiro Watanabe, in New York City for the release of Guinness World Records 2013
Video Credit: NTDTV/YouTube

World’s tallest horse named Big Jake, entering Guinness World Records 2013
Video Credit: GuinnessWorldRecords/YouTube

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