Tallest Lego Tower: Brazil Breaks Chile’s Record (Video)

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Tallest Lego Tower in Brazil
Tallest Lego Tower
Credit: Luxedb.com

According to several international news sites on Monday, Brazil was able to break Chile‘s record for the world’s tallest Lego tower.

The Lego tower was said to have a height of 31.19 meters, 25 centimeter taller than Chile‘s record.

The tower was built in the parking lot of a shopping center in Sao Paulo. It was reported that an approximately 6,000 children and adults came together to build it. The tower was said to be made up of 500,000 Lego pieces. It is being supported by wire framing to prevent it from toppling over in the wind.

Brazilian international soccer player Cafu placed the last block on the tower.

“This is a very interactive event where families take part, schools take part. We promote teamwork in order to reach our main objective, which is to establish Brazil as the country that holds the record of the Lego tower,” Roberio Esteves, director of Lego’s Brazil branch, was quoted saying.

Below is the video report of the tallest Lego tower uploaded by itnnews on Youtube.

World’s Tallest Lego Tower
Credit: Youtube / itnnews

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