Taliban Militants Escapes From Kandahar Prison Through Tunnels, A NATO Setback (Photo)

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Image Credit: wired.com

A major group of Taliban militants, captured by US and NATO forces, escaped from Sarprosa prison in Kandahar, Afghanistan by going through a tunnel on Monday, April 25, according to reports by several international sites.

About 480 Taliban prisoners had gotten out of prison through a 1,000-feet-long tunnel dug by the militants for more than five months. The tunnel hole was started from a house near a prison guard tower.

According to a Taliban statement, their diggers were able to break into the prison cell on around 11pm, Sunday night and started unlocking prison cells. All prisoners were ushered to the tunnel for four and a half hours.

The security breach was only realized by Afghanistan authorities around 4 am, that was half an hour after all Taliban militants were already out of prison.

Collusion by prison guards that led to the massive exodus of Taliban prisoners are now being investigated.

Below are some of the images of the Kandahar Prison in Afghanistan after the jailbreak by Taliban militants.

Afghanistan Kandahar Prison Entrance
A NATO armored vehicle enters the Kandahar Prison in Afghanistan
Image Credit: AP Photo/Allauddin Khan

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