News about 'Indonesia Merapi eruption'

Nov 6, 2010

Indonesia canceled all Jakarta flights due to Mount Merapi eruption

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Indonesia was reported to have canceled all Jakarta flights due to the continuous eruption of Mount Merapi, which means both leaving and entering of flights are affected. As published at The Jakarta Post, Indonesia announced a shutdown to its international airport at Yogyakarta and canceled all flights from Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and Malaysia Airlines. Other […]

Oct 27, 2010

Thousands evacuated as Mt Merapi Volcano in Indonesia erupts

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Indonesian official have raised a red alert status as Mount Merapi begins to erupt. One of the most volatile volcano, Mount Merapi is feared to cause a lot of damage. According to Indonesian volcanologist, the volcano may create a powerful eruption as the pressure at the bottom of the lava dome increases. As the volcano […]