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Dec 5, 2012

Earliest dinosaur found in Tanzania, as small as Labrador retriever, new research study suggests

earliest dinosaur Nyasasaurus
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The so-called earliest dinosaur was believed to have been found, which was said to be about the same size of a Labrador retriever, based on the fossilized bones discovered in Tanzania in the 1930s. Researchers have recently conducted an analysis on the fossils, which are housed in Natural History Museum in London. “Earliest dinosaur” Nyasasaurus […]

Feb 8, 2012

Philippine Tarsier Uses Ultrasound To Communicate – Study

Philippine Tarsier
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Philippine Tarsier Image Credit: A team of scientists from the United States and the Philippines led by Marissa Ramsier of Humboldt State University in California found out that the Philippine tarsier communicates in a range of ultrasound not heard by its predator and prey, science news sites reported on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. According […]