Taco Bell ‘false beef ad’ lawsuit dropped, Alabama law firm withdraws case

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The false beef advertisement‘ lawsuit filed against Taco Bell has been dropped, as the Alabama law firm that sued the company on January 2011, has withdrawn the case.

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As stated at the Beasley Allen website on Tuesday, April 19, 2011, which filed the case against Taco Bell, the lawsuit has been resolved and the case will be dismissed.

The lawsuit, which did not seek money, in which Beasley Allen represented complainant Amanda Obney, accused Taco Bell for allegedly making false advertisements.

According to the lawsuit, Taco Bell’s seasoned ground beef contained “35% beef only and the remaining 65% are made of binders, extenders, additive, and preservatives”, does not meet federal requirements to be labeled as beef and is contrary to their commercials.

“From the inception of this case, we stated that if Taco Bell would make certain changes regarding disclosure and marketing of its ‘seasoned beef’ product, the case could be dismissed,” Dee Miles was quoted on the report, as being one of the attorneys of Beasley Allen who handled the case.

“We accepted Taco Bell‘s invitation to confer with company representatives and share information and ideas about the issues in the case. As a result of the lawsuit, changes in marketing and product disclosure were made by the company, allowing us to dismiss the case.” Miles added.

On the other hand, CNN reported on Monday that Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed released a statement insisting that the allegations against them were ‘absolutely wrong’.

“As Taco Bell has stated before, the allegations in the lawsuit and in public statements about Taco Bell‘s seasoned beef, food quality and advertising were absolutely wrong.” Greg Creed was quoted as saying.

“No money or other value was exchanged between the parties, and Taco Bell is not making any changes to its products or advertising.” Mr. Creed added, noting that the issue of the high quality of their seasoned beef has sets records straight.

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