Sydney Spies yearbook photo banned by Durango High School due to alleged dress code violation (Photo)

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Durango High School (DHS) in Colorado banned a senior student named Sydney Spies from posting her photo in their yearbook, as shown in the photo below, suggesting that it violated their dress code.

Sydney Spies yearbook photo
Image Credit: Sydney Spies Facebook

According to The Durango Herald on Thursday, January 5, 2012, Sydney Spies’ yearbook photo was not accepted by the yearbook’s student editors, claiming that it was too revealing.

As noted in the report, Spies, 18, submitted her photo, wearing a short yellow skirt with a black shawl and exposing her shoulders and midsection, which she claims as “freedom of expression”.

The day before, Sydney and her mother Miki Spies, along with other high school girls and alumni protested the decision in front of Durango High School, and a meeting with the yearbook’s student editors, school principal was set on Thursday.

The five student editors, namely Tevan Trujillo, Erin Edblom, Paige Shacklett, Alyssa Spencer and Brian Jaramillo, noted that the ban of Spies’ photo was based on their unanimous decision and the school administration has nothing to do with it.

“We are an award-winning yearbook. We don’t want to diminish the quality with something that can be seen as unprofessional,” Jaramillo was quoted on the report, which was agreed by his fellow co-editors.

“If she (Spies) chooses to, the picture will run as her senior ad, not her senior portrait,” Trujillo told the paper, referring to the reserved space paid ad for senior advertisements, wherein comments from friends and family are placed at the back of the yearbook.

“The editors all turned their backs on me and changed their minds. I really do feel like they were intimidated by the principal.” Spies told Durango Herald via phone interview.

On the other hand, DHS principal Diane Lashinsky was said to be supportive with the decision of the yearbook editors to ban Sydney Spies’ photo, but strongly denied influencing them to do so.

Meanwhile, the Spies family noted hat they planning to meet with a civil lawyer in Denver to review Sydney‘s case, which the DHS administration not releasing a formal statement on the issue.

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