Sydney destroyed by Mayan apocalypse, not photoshopped picture at Reddit confirms? (Photo)

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Sydney, Australia was destroyed by the so-called Mayan apocalypse today, Friday, December 21, 2012, which was earlier predicted to be the “end of the world” and was believed by many, particularly those who rush to Mount Rtanj in Serbia, hoping to be saved by the mystical energies allegedly being emitted by the mountain.

“Not photoshoped photo of Sydney at the moment.” Reddit user colt1hryh wrote a few hours ago, (Yes, the word photoshopped had the wrong spelling) along with the obviously photoshopped picture of Sydney Opera House being attacked by fire balls, while a rescue helicopter with an Aussie flag is in action.

The funny thing is that the “not photoshopped photo” of Sydney being destroyed by the Mayan apocalypse posted at Reddit is now receiving a lot of troll comments, with most of them pretending that they believe the photo is real and authentic. Below are some of them. (Assuming that no one noticed Godzilla was on the side lol!)

“I completely believe that photoshop was not used to create this image.”

“I’m a scientist and I can confirm that your picture is legit.”

“I have no qualifications and I can confirm that this picture is legit.”

“I’ve seen a lot of shops in my day and I can confirm this picture has pixels.”

“I’m an ancient Mayan and I can also offer confirmation that said image is correct.”

“I am a photoshop expert and I can confirm that it’s impossible for someone to have photo shopped by paying attention to such details.”

“I’m an Australian, and I can confirm your picture is legit.”

“I actually live in that apartment building and can confirm there is a large gorilla reeking havoc outside.”

Meanwhile, for an equally important and related news, there were reports that Mayan apocalypse did not happen in New Zealand, which can somehow be a proof that the photo here is photoshopped. And as of this writing, no place on earth is reported to have encountered the “end of the world” (And they missed again…)

Sydney destroyed by Mayan apocalypse
Not photoshopped photo of Sydney, being destroyed by Mayan apocalypse
Image Credit: Reddit user colt1hyrh

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