Sydney and Other Parts of the World Welcome 2011 with Spectacular New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display (Videos)

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The claim that Australians can present the best New Year’s Eve fireworks display in the world, has been proven midnight, December 31, 2010. The spectacular myriad of fireworks lit up the sky in a brilliant, kaleidoscope of colors and incredible designs. Sydney and other parts of the world welcome New Year 2011.

There were new ones which were never seen by the millions of people watching in New South Wales and beyond.  They marveled at the fascinating show of lights.  The long wait they had done was greatly compensated by what they witnessed. After the fireworks, New Year’s Eve celebration will continue with more partying and dancing. Meanwhile the celebrations continue as the event revolves around the world, in Britain, Taiwan, Hongkong, Russia and Dubai.

This is a video of the fireworks in Sydney this New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2010.

This is a video from The Telegraph of the 2010 New Year’s Eve celebration in Britain, Taiwan, Hongkong, Dubai, and Russia.

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