Switzerland celebrates the world’s longest tunnel breakthrough

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Switzerland now celebrates the world’s longest tunnel breakthrough, according to international news a few hours ago.

This is after Swiss engineers and workers from both ends meet, which marked as people have dubbed it as the world’s longest tunnel.

A massive drilling machine called ‘Sissi’, which is about 10 meter in diameter, has been a major tool to dig the rocks at the Gotthard Base Tunnel under the Swiss Alps on Friday, reports said.

The construction of the said tunnel was said to have cost about $13.6 billion, and may be fully operational by the end of year 2017, officials told the news.

And when it does, the travel time between Zurich, Switzerland, to Milan, Italy, which is a very important link, could be reduced by up to 90 minutes, experts said.

This historical event in Switzerland, which has been covered by TV stations across Europe, was witnessed by top officials from different European countries.

The 35.4-mile (57-kilometer) tunnel in which took about 15 years to build was said to have broken the records of Japan‘s Seikan Tunnel and the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France, as told by AlpTransit Gotthard officials to local press.

The company, according to news, also said the tunnel is an environmental feat and will allow millions more tons of items to pass through the Alps by rail.

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