Swimmer admits cheating, after winning gold medal in London Olympics 2012, but claims he is not alone

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Cameron van der Burgh, a South African swimmer, admits cheating during the men’s 100m breaststroke swimming competition in the London Olympics 2012; but claimed that he is not the only swimmer who broke the rules, since there was no underwater video technology judging for that event.

Cameron van der Burgh Christian Sprenger Olympics

Cameron van der Burgh (left) being greeted by
Christian Sprenger, after winning the gold medal

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According to Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday, August 4, 2012, where Cameron van der Burgh had an exclusive interview, he admitted that he cheated in the said event last July 29 by using multiple dolphin kicks underwater, where he won the gold medal.

Van der Burgh, 24, who made a new world record time of 58.46 seconds when he won, beat Australia‘s Christian Sprenger, with Brendan Hansen of the United States landing on the third spot. He told the report that he made more than one dolphin kick, which is a whip-like motion generated from the hips.

Under the rules of Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA), a body that administers international competition in the aquatic sports such as swimming, breaststrokers are only allowed to make one dolphin kick, but a replay video reportedly showed that Van der Burgh made three of them.

“If you’re not doing it, you’re falling behind. It’s not obviously – shall we say – the moral thing to do, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my personal performance and four years of hard work for someone that is willing to do it and get away with it.” Van der Burgh was quoted as saying in the interview.

“I think it’s pretty funny of the Australians to complain because in the underwater footage if you actually look at Brenton Rickard [of Australia] in the lane next to me, he’s doing the exact same thing as me yet they’re turning a blind eye.” Van der Burgh added, noting that “99 per cent of swimmers” are doing it.

As noted at the official website of London 2012, there is no way that FINA will review the race at this time so that adjustments will be made to the finishing order; but there is some precedent from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will to do so.

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