Survivor: Redemption Island Winner Rob Mariano Won The One Million Dollar Prize

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Rob Mariano Survivor: Redemption Island Winner
Survivor: Redemption Island Winner
“Boston” Rob Mariano

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Rob Mariano has been declared as the Survivor: Redemption Island winner which was aired on May 15, 2011, the Sunday’s finale of CBS reality game competition in Nicaragua.

Mariano, who is married to former “Survivor” winner Amber Brkich will take home the $1 million prize. He beat his fellow contenders Phillip Sheppard, a 52-year-old former federal agent and Natalie Tenerelli, a 19-year-old dancer.

According to several entertainment news sites, Mariano dominated the reality competition by winning four individual immunity challenges. It was also said that he was able to control his tribe throuhout the entire season.

Aside from the $1 million prize, Mariano also won the $100,000 fan favorite award with 40% votes compared to Matt Elrod who only got 36% of the votes.

Meanwhile, before the announcement of winner, Mariano told the Survivor: Redemption Island jury that it would be his last season.

“I need to stop playing games. It’s time to put it to rest. This is the last day I will ever play,” Mariano was quoted saying.

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