Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition Finale on December 3,2010

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The Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Edition is held in Thailand with four remaining survivors; Akihiro Sato, Solenn Heusaff,  Aubrey Miles and Ervic Vijandre moving on to the finals.

They had some bad moments together with each of them being candid about their emotions and how they perceived each other.

There were not so pleasant revelations that made each one of them realize that sometimes a game gets serious and tough and people get hurt in the process. A word can hurt like a knife, and people may not be able to repair the damage done. Hopefully, with the final four, whatever unpleasant memories they have about the place, would soon be forgotten and buried deep in their memories.

On December 3, 2010, Friday GMT, the members of the jury composed of  7 members will vote for the sole survivor celebrity challenge.

Richard Gutierrez hosted Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Edition, Season 3. This popular show is aired at GMA7.

For the final results read this follow up story.

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