Supreme Foie Gras Burger to be served at Belgian Quick Chain in France

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The Belgian fast food chain, Quick, will offer customers a menu that will include a slice of duck foie gras in its burger recipe, according to international reports. Foie gras, taken from the liver of a force-fed duck or goose, has a rich flavour and buttery texture. It is also a part of the traditional Christmas delicacy in France.  The product is produced in the southwest area of France.

Quick‘s menu will be made available in 360 outlets all over France from December 17, 2010 until December 19, 2010 only. The burger, containing duck foie gras, beef and lettuce, will be sold for five euros (£4.20). The foie gras recipe burger contains a total of 672 calories, compared to the standard burger’s 633 calories.

Earlier this year, Quick offered a controversial halal version of one of its burgers when it replaced bacon with turkey.

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