Supernova, PTF 11kly, to Shine the Brightest on September 8 (Videos)

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Formation type 1a supernova
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A supernova, PTF 11kly is expected to shine the brightest on September 8, as reported by international news sites, September 5 & 6, 2011.

The supernova was discovered August 24 in the Pinwheel Galaxy or M101.

A supernova can exude brilliant radiations during its explosion that could shine for weeks or months before it finally fades.

Apparently, sky watchers can view the supernova using high quality telescopes or binoculars and observe how the star exploded 21 million light years away.

Sky watchers are instructed to search for the Big Dipper, and look for a bright star that is at equilateral triangle from the Big Dipper’s two stars.


How to Watch a Supernova
Video credit: BerkeleyLab/YouTube

Supernova 2011
Video credit: gmlsc/YouTube

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