Superman Over California: Video Of A Remote-Controlled Superman Toy Goes Viral

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman. Well, sort of. A remote-controlled Superman toy was spotted flying over California coast and a video of it posted online has gone viral.

Superman Over California

Superman over California
Image Credit: Youtube screen grab

According to Broken News Daily, Kyle Gough captured the Superman over California video and uploaded it on Youtube. The video, as shown below, shows a life-sized Superman toy flying over California coast, with someone remotely controlling it.

According to Gough as posted on the Youtube video’s description, he was cycling down the Pacific Coast Highway in South California with his friend when Superman flew overhead. He was able to capture the second flight using his cellphone.

Gough said that the Superman toy is custom-built, so, you’ll not be able to easily find one in stores right now. With the attention given to this video, we might someday see Superman flying over the neighborhood from time to time, I guess.

Below is the viral video of Superman flying over California:

Superman Over California
Credit: triathlonky / Youtube

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