Supercomputers will soon be powered by Sugar Cube Size Processors like Aquasar

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According to international news earlier today, supercomputer processors will soon be reduced to the size of a sugar cube as explained by Dr. Bruno Michel, an IBM scientist.

These tiny processors will be stacked up with each other and cooled off with water running in between them. The objective of reducing the size of the processors is to minimize the amount of energy being used by the computer.

The reports added that around 2% of the world’s total energy consumption is attributed to buildings and those using computer devices.

Dr Michel added that the cost of computers in the future will rely on its energy saving features  rather  than its cost.

A prototype, called Aquasar, with the new cooling idea has already been developed by Dr Michel and his team at IBM’s Zurich Lab. According to IBM, Aquasar is estimated to consume 50% less energy  than the world’s leading supercomputers. Aquasar is housed in a rack with the size larger than a refrigerator.

IBM added that manufacturers concerns now is not the cost of building the next generation of supercomputers but the cost of running the machines.

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