Superbug NDM1 found in New Delhi water, Health Secretary says ‘Don’t panic’

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The superbug NDM 1 gene was reportedly found in the water in New Delhi, India, but the country’s Health Secretary tells public not to worry.

Superbug NDM 1
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According to international news sites on Thursday, April 07, 2011, British scientists discovered that the water supply in New Delhi has what is known as metallo-beta-lactamase (NDM) 1 gene.

Apparently, the research study was done by scientists from Cardiff University School of Medicine in Britain, wherein the superbug NDM 1 was said to have made bacteria immune to almost all antibiotics.

“The inhabitants of New Delhi are continually being exposed to multidrug-resistant and NDM 1-positive bacteria”, Dr. Mark Toleman of Cardiff University School of Medicine was quoted as saying.

“Now, we know it is not present in hospital ICUs but is actually freely circulating in Delhi‘s environment, both in the water people drink and those that lay stagnant,” Dr. Toleman added, where a report last August 2010 said that the superbug NDM-1 was acquired from hospitals.

The study was published on a British medical journal, ‘The Lancet Infectious Diseases‘ on Thursday, Dr. Toleman told Times of India that the population carrying the superbug NDM-1 is not yet known, in which last year’s report said it originated from India and spreading to UK.

However, Indian Health Secretary V M Katoch told his countrymen not to panic, and noted that the superbug NDM-1 is a global issue not specific to one country only.

“There is no scientific relevance in this,” Katoch said, insisting that the hospital advisory to take safety norms is applicable not to India only but also to all countries worldwide.

NDM 1 was named after New Delhi, India’s capital, in which the people have earlier protested, claiming that the research was not support by scientific data.

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