Super strong toilet introduced in hotel; can flush 18 golf balls, 40 ft of toilet papers (Video)

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A super strong toilet was introduced in a hotel in Orlando, which is capable to flush 18 golf balls, 40 ft of toilet papers, among others, without clogging, as shown in the demo video below.

Super strong toilet Champion 4
Photo Credit: AmericanStandard

The super strong toilet, called Champion 4, was made by American Standard, and was introduced in Loews Hotels in Universal Orlando recently.

As mentioned at AOL News on Friday, the hotel management has been trying to hard to eliminate clogged toilets problem for their guests.

“Guests want a reliable toilet. You don’t hear about that on the front end, but if there is a problem, you hear about it.” Loews Hotels Senior Vice President of Facilities Richard Senechal told AOL.

Apparently, the problem was first noticed by Tony Rodrigues, the hotel’s Engineering Regional Director, who said that clogged toilets are affecting as much as 12 guests for all the hotels he have worked for.

Meanwhile, American Standard Vice President and General Manager for consumer fixtures James Walsh said that Champion 4 is proving that not all low-flow toilets do a crappy job, who is often called by his co-workers as Professor Toilet.

“Toilets in the U.S. work like siphons. Once the toilet gets flowing, it pulls everything down. Early on in the days of low-flowing toilets, the only way to get the flow going was to reduce the size of the trap, which is the opening between the tank down into the pipe.” Mr. Walsh said.

To eliminate the problem of clogging, American Standard said they increased the size of the trap, or outlet; changed the size of the flush valve, from the standard of 2 inches, which is the standard size, to 4 inches; and modifying the design of the bowl to increase the flow.

Super strong toilet Champion 4 flush 18 golf balls, 40 ft of toilet papers, and others
Video Credit: AmericanStandard

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