Sunscreen pills made from corals could be out in 5 years, an option to lotion in skin protection

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Sunscreen pills, which will be made from corals, are now being developed and could be available in five years; and will be an alternative to lotion in protecting the skin from the sun, especially to people who loves to go swimming during summer season.

Dr. Girish Munavalli, talking about sunscreen pills
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According to on Wednesday, July 4, 2012, scientists are now working on a sunscreen pill, a drug that when one takes it will be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, just like how suntan lotion works, with dermatologists saying that the existing so-called “sun protection pills” do not give SPF protection.

As noted in the report, dermatologist Dr. Girish Munavalli said that he is hoping that these sunscreen pills will make sun protection easier since their aim is to allow the body to block UV rays from the inside-out, with researchers now making some experiments synthesizing new chemicals from corals.

“A lot of our drugs in nature come from plants and animals and bacteria, so it’s a good start.” Dr. Munavalli told the WSOCTV during the interview, with some lotion users reportedly hesitant to try sunscreen pills for the fear of their possible side effects.

Back in August 2011, BBC News reported that King’s College London team visited Great Barrier Reef in Australia to study the genetic and biochemical processes behind coral’s innate gift, which they believe they can synthetically reproduce its key compounds that could help protect human skin from the sun.

“What we have found is that the algae living within the coral makes a compound that we think is transported to the coral, which then modifies it into a sunscreen for the benefit of both the coral and the algae.” Dr. Paul Long, the team leader, was quoted that time.

Meanwhile, Dr. Munavalli added that scientists are also now testing the Scenesse implant, which uses hormones to increase melanin that can help block UV rays. It is not yet being expected to be available in the next two years, but US will be the first to be its customer when it comes out in the market.

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